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What is timestamp

Timestamp is a number (or even other characters) that identifies a well-defined date and time in time.

In the specific case considered in this page, timestamp means the Unix Timestamp, i.e. the time expressed in seconds starting from January 1, 1970

So January 1, 1970 has the timestamp value of 0 (zero).

What is the timestamp for?

The timestamp is usually used in computer science to record the exact moment of a specific event. The timestamp is used extensively in database systems for example to record an event such as a payment, a posting date or the save date of an article.

A further use of the timestamp is to synchronize one or more computer systems.

The Timestamp in some programming languages

  • JavaScript: new Date().getTime()
  • PHP: time()
  • JAVA: System.currentTimeMillis()
  • Mysql: SELECT unix_timestamp(now())
  • PostgreSQL: SELECT extract(epoch FROM now());
  • Go: time.Now().Unix()
  • Python: import time; time.time()

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