Email verifier online

This online email verification tool lets you know with good accuracy whether an email address is valid or not.

It is a free and easy-to-use tool, and in addition to the verification of email existence, additional important information such as the presence of catch all and analysis logs are returned.

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Why use the online email verification tool?

Before sending an email to someone, it is possible to check its validity to avoid blank sends.
This tool is primarily for those who want to know if an email exists or if it is still valid and active after so many years.

How does the email verification tool work?

Each time an email verification is requested, the destination server is contacted and a delivery request is made.
Based on the response from the destination server; which can be positive or negative; it is determined whether the email is valid or not.

The delivery request does not mean that the email is sent, but are only the first stages of contact between the sending server and receiving server.
In these early stages, in most cases, the receiving server already communicates if the destination email is valid.

Is the verification result trustworthy?

Often mail servers during the verification phase correctly communicate whether an email address is valid or not, but there are some cases where the receiving server does not provide this information.
In these cases it is said to be a catch-all server.

What is catch all?

catch all literally means catch all i.e., the receiving server always returns a positive result to whatever email is submitted for verification.
During the verification phase whether an email address is marked with this badge Catch all it means that there is no assurance that the email is valid.

What does Graylist stand for?

In some cases, the receiving server due to too many requests can temporarily prevent new checks by inserting the sending server in a grey list.
So for a few hours no other checks can be made, the result will always be uncertain.
In these cases it is said that it has been inserted into the graylist.