Image Picker

If you want to know what color your photo is, Image Picker is the right tool for your needs.

With this tool you can get the exact color from a specific point in a photograph or image.

Supported colors are Hex, Rgb and Hsl (hue, saturation, lightness)

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How to use Image Picker?

The free Image Picker tool has two methods of uploading images.

  • The first is by downloading an image from external url.
  • The second by uploading an image directly from your computer or device.

Once you have uploaded an image to start the Picker just click on the open color picker button and a magnifying glass with a small selector will allow you to stand on the exact spot in the image and select the desired color.

After selection, the values of Hex, Rgb, and Hsl will be shown in the relevant selection inputs.

How does Image Picker work?

Image Picker takes advantage of a native feature of modern browsers: EyeDropper

When you click on open color picker a new instance of EyeDropper is executed and if the Browser supports the functionality the tool is started allowing the user to select the color on the screen.

EyeDropper works only on applications served in HTTPS, more information is available here.

EyeDropper is only supported by some browsers including Chrome, here is the compatibility table.

What are the Hex, Rgb and Hsl values?


The Hex value is the hexadecimal representation of RGB colors.
The result is the hexadecimal value of Red, Green, and Blue.
Hexadecimal values have a range from 00 to FF.
The first two digits correspond to the value of red, the second two to green, and the third to blue.

For example, if you take the red color #FF0000 you will have the first two digits that correspond to red because their maximum value is FF while the green and blue digits are zero


The RGB value corresponds to the amount of Red, Green and Blue.
The digits for each color range from a minimum of zero to a maximum of 255.
For example with RGB(255,255,255) you will get white.


The Hsl value corresponds to hue, saturation and contrast.
H stands for hue, and the value can vary from 0 to 360.
S stands for saturation, and it is a percentage ranging from 0 to 100.
L stands for brightness, and again it is expressed in percentage values from 0 to 100.